Certificated Purchases and sales

Buying shares and receiving a certificated

We can not issue certificated for trades within an ISA or SIPP

However if you do prefer to recieve a certificate when buying shares in your own name then just let us know. 

The advantage to you the client is that you will receive all documentation direct from the company registrars, ie annual reports and any corporate actions. 

The disadvantages are that your name and address are on a public register and you have to sign a crest transfer each time you sell. 

Selling shares with a certificate

If we purchased the share for you and issued the certificate we will be happy to sell on a T+10 basis. 

This means we will deal there and then over the telephone and give you the sale price. 
A contract note is then issued to you and a Crest Transfer Form will be sent to you. 
On receipt please return the share certificate and signed Crest Transfer to us in the SAE. You will then receive the sale proceeds on the 10th working day following the sale. 

If you did not buy the shares through us and hold a certificate we may want to have the certificate in our possession or have checked the holding with the registrar before taking the order to sell. 

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